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NIR-II Fluorescence Microscope Imager

Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging
NIR-II Fluorescence Microscope Imager
1 unit
Made In China
ATF9280 is a self-focusing and auto-scanning micro NIR-II microfluorescence imager carefully developed by optosky.


ATF9280 is a self-focusing and auto-scanning micro NIR-II microfluorescence imager carefully developed by optosky. NIR-II (1000nm to 1700 nm), tissue scattering is reduced and tissue absorption and autofluorescence are minimal. Compatible with traditional visible or infrared optical imaging (400nm-1000 nm), better image contrast, sensitivity and depth of tissue penetration at these wavelengths. It is especially suitable for small animal in vivo fluorescence imaging, real-time surgical navigation, etc.

ATF9280 has a built-in ultra-low temperature refrigeration high-sensitivity InGaAs detector that can be cooled down to -80°C.

ATF9280 is equipped with a 50X50mm large-area motorized scanning platform, supplemented by an advanced and fast ultra-large image stitching algorithm, so as to achieve the functions of fast scanning and large-area imaging.

ATF9280 is equipped with a highly stable autofocus system, which can adjust the dynamic focus of the target in real time to achieve the best imaging effect.

ATF9280 is connected to the computer through the USB 2.0 interface, and there is also advanced and easy-to-use PC-side control software, which can achieve perfect experimental operation.




Cooled InGaAs camera, cooled to 10°C, 640X512 pixels


High resolution type, cooled to -10°C, 1280X1024


Deep cooling InGaAs camera, cooled to -80°C, integration time up to 5 minutes, 640X512



  • Wavelength8089801064nm
  • Deep refrigeration InGaAs CCD:MInimum
  • refrigeration temperature -80°
  • Imaging resolution: 640X512,1280X1024
  • Large area motorized scanning platform
  • Real-time auto focus, auto scan, auto stitching
  • The motorized control can continuously scan the fluorescence channel, continuously changing from 1000-1700nm, and the tuning accuracy is 5nm
  • Four-in-one optical fiber channel, which can connect four lasers at the same time, no need to switch light sources during multi-wavelength imaging
  • The laser light outlet is equipped with a beam expander to effectively increase the irradiation area of the excitation light
  • Powerful image acquisition and analysis software
  • The novel integrated frame provides excellent stability and operability
  • Modular structure design, multi-functional combination to ensure the versatility of the system


  • research laboratory
  • (Small animals, etc.) In vivo fluorescence imaging
  • targeted tumor imaging
  • Microvascular imaging, monitoring blood flow changes
  • Drug targeting and kinetic studies
  • real-time surgical navigation