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Portable Ground-base Hyperspectral Camera

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Portable Ground-base Hyperspectral Camera
1 unit
Made in China
ATH6010 is designed spectral imaging system suitable to field operation with a function of auto-scan. It composes of hyperspectral camera ATH1010 and tripod


    ATH6010 hyperspectral camera is designed spectral imaging system suitable to field operation with a function of auto-scan. It composes of hyperspectral camera ATH1010 and tripod. The core hyperspectral camera is a complete self-developed, and it employs low cost split light system with a compact size, CMOS image sensor, high frame rate, high-performance-to-price ratio, USB power supply no need extra power, customized high precision scan mirror can sweep target forming image; It employs built-in power supply module, external wireconnect is simple can improve integrated and portability.


  • HY-6010 configured tripod can scan full angles.
  • HY-6011 can scan horizontal 360°
  • Scan Range: Full angles
  • Resolution: super than 2.3nm
  • Compatibility: Spectral data compatible with ENVI software running and processing.
  • Easy-to-take suit to field measurementIt's available for customized requirements.


  • Monitor Agriculture: plant diseases and insect pest, disaster, categories ID etc.
  • Forestry: Tree categories identification, Phytomass, nutrient elements, forest health etc.
  • Water Environment: Water quality parameters, water waste spatial distribution and migration analysis
  • Soil Pollution: heavy metal waste
  • Minerals: Mineral mapping, ingredients explore, metallogenic prognosis etc.
  • City geological substances classification and identification.


    Integrated built-in power supply: hyperspectral imager, moving system requires no individual power supply 

    Accurate moving system can benefit stable and reliable measurement environment. Multiple types: Built-in scan, built-in scan mirror, entire sweep broom.

    Moving control system: Bluetooth, wire control (optional)

    Fast-to-install tripod suit to different measurement environment

    High performance hyperspectral imager with a spectral resolution <2.3nm Customized development according to customers.

    Scan Range: Full angles

    Compatibility: Spectral data compatible with ENVI software running and processing. Easy-to-take suit to field measurement. It’s available for customized requirements.