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Portable Ground Imaging System

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Portable Ground Imaging System
1 unit
Made in China
ATH6500 is designed spectral imaging system suitable to field operation with a function of auto-scan.


    ATH6500 spectral camera is designed spectral imaging system suitable to field operation with a function of auto-scan.

    It composes of hyperspectral camera ATH1500 spectral camera and tripod. The core hyperspectral camera is a complete self-developed, and it employs low cost split light system with a compact size, CMOS image sensor, high frame rate, high-performance-to-price ratio, USB power supply no need extra power, customized high precision scan mirror can sweep target forming image; It employs built-in power supply module, external wire connect is simple can improve integrated and portability.

    ATH6500 spectral camera combines hyperspectral imaging technology with high-definition photography technology, and the collected data has both high spectral resolution and high spatial resolution, which can fully exploit the unique spectral and spatial characteristics of the substance itself.

    It can be applied to material sorting (tobacco, medicine, food, ore, etc.), criminal investigation document inspection, authenticity identification and other fields.


  • Spectral Range: 400-5300nm (Customized)
  • Max. Spatial Pixels: 2048x2048 (Different by model)
  • Max. Spectral Channels: 1088 (Different by model)
  • Superior imaging performance;
  • The data format is compatible with ENVI;
  • Built-in auto-scan device, compact size;
  • Weight: 6.5kg (Different by model)
  • A variety of stray light elimination design, high imaging quality;
  • High-definition visible light camera, capable of image fusion;
  • High responsibility


  • Monitor Agriculture: plant diseases and insect pest, disaster, categories ID etc.
  • Forestry: Tree categories identification, Phytomass, nutrient elements, forest health etc.
  • Water Environment: Water quality parameters, water waste spatial distribution and migration analysis
  • Soil Pollution: heavy metal waste
  • Minerals: Mineral mapping, ingredients explore, metallogenic prognosis etc.
  • City geological substances classification and identification