LIBS analyzer for lithium

LIBS analyzer for lithium
1 unit
Made in China
LIBS analyzer for lithium is a type of optical emission spectroscopy used to measure elements on period table say Na, K, Li, Ca, Mg, Al, C, Co, Cd, Pb, Fe, Cr
LIBS spectrometer has a lightweight appearance, an overall weight of only 1.8KG, and a small and lightweight body. It adopts advanced high-power miniaturized nanosecond laser technology, combined with self-developed advanced spectral denoising, PLS, PCA and other intelligent algorithms , the operator can use it on site after a short training, and can quickly complete the qualitative and quantitative analysis of lithium content in lithium ore.
Thanks to the powerful light-weight atomic analysis capability of LIBS plasma spectroscopy, the laser-induced breakdown handheld LIBS spectrometer can also accurately measure the lithium content in the positive electrode material of lithium batteries. LIBS analysis does not require complicated sample preparation process or deployment. Various chemical reagents. Usually according to traditional analytical techniques, this requires the use of laboratory chemical analysis or methods such as ICP equipment and flame atomic absorption spectroscopy.

Safety laser
Supply chain control
Quick analysis
AI technology
Single test time less than 4 sec
Water resistant level IP54 (GB/T 4208-2008certified
No any radiation3B eyes safety laser
Blue tooth print Optional (Portable blue tooth printer)

Material Fabrication (Positive Material Identification, PMI)
Recycling and Sorting
Trading or Inspection