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Portable Water Quality Heavy Metal Rapid Analyzer

portable quality analyzer
Portable Water Quality Heavy Metal Rapid Analyzer
1 unit
Made in China
ATW6200 is a kind of portable water quality heavy metal rapid analyzer, which adopts electrochemical rapid detection method for analyzing heavy metals
ATW6200 is a kind of portable water quality heavy metal rapid analyzer, which adopts electrochemical rapid detection method for analyzing heavy metals. ATW6200 has a fast measurement time, which is less than 5 minutes (the fastest is less than 30s). The sensitivity is high and the detection limit is less than 0.5ppb. The detection accuracy is high and the algorithm design is optimized. The computer software control is 100ppb ≤ ±2% and the stand-alone operation is 100ppb≤±5%.
ATW6200 adopts independent glassy carbon working electrode (corresponding test item: Zn/Cd/Pb/Cu). It has independent gold working electrode (corresponding test item: Hg/As) and independent platinum counter electrode as well as independent silver/silver chloride reference electrode. Measurement standard liquid indication error is less than 3% (@100ppb) and repeatability RSD less than 2%.The design features of ATW6200 include intelligent de-spectrification algorithm, over 24-hour long-term measurement, multiple charging methods, intelligent menu navigation, large-capacity data

  1. Fast measurement, measurement time less than 5s.
  2. High sensitivity, detection limit less than 0.5ppb
  3. Detection for more than 10 kinds of heavy metal
  4. Good electrode performance, long life, stable and reliable, easy to maintain
  5. Low cost of use, low cost of actual consumables, less consumption, safe and non-toxic
  6. High detection accuracy, optimized algorithm design, detection accuracy better than 1ppb
  7. Intelligent operation, intelligent guide menu, online operation, support for secondary development
  8. Good portability, lightweight suitcase protective packaging, easy to carry

  1. Extensible measurement of hexavalent chromium, nickel, manganese and other indicators
  2. Rapid detection of heavy metals in water quality by environmental monitoring agencies at all levels, environmental science institutes, universities, water plants, public security inspection departments, enterprises, etc.
  3. Applied to on-site emergency detection (such as emergency monitoring of water environment pollution accidents)
  4. Laboratory heavy metal detection and analysis
  5. Monitoring of surface water, groundwater, seawater, industrial wastewater and drinking water or other environmental water bodies