Portable XRF Soil Analyzer

Portable XRF Soil Analyzer
1 unit
Made in China
The contents of heavy metals such as CD, CR, SE, HG, PB, CU, ZN, AS, SB in soil were detected rapidly.
Optosky ATX2600S is self-designed handheld X-ray  soilheavymetalanalyzers.
Optosky is the most affordable handheld XRF analyzer manufacturer for fast, accurate, and reliable XRF spectrometer, With the rugged and compact size, the fastest identification of heavy metals in soil.
The contents of heavy metals such AS CD, CR, SE, HG, PB, CU, ZN, AS, SB in soil were detected rapidly.

Rapid detection of soil heavy metals (PPM) Building or waste point real-time heavy metal inspection lead (PB) pollution removal prevention and control solid waste detection of heavy metal elements wire combustion, waste liquid, slag migration caused by bad weather debris industry and mining surrounding environmental samples requirements are low. Accurate and accurate analysis of high concentration samples can be performed by analyzing the surface of stratum rock samples directly to determine the depth of contamination without confirming the experimental test to delimit the area of contamination.

One-button anti-stay operation, remove complex operation options, effectively prevent human misoperation
Software exit and automatically shut down; (Users can customize the shutdown time)Copper alloy grade and contents, including brass, bronze, copper
Automatic calibration of the instrument without manual operation
Results are displayed in 1 second
View spectrograms in real time; (both mobile phones and instruments can be used)
Data transmission through mobile 4G, shared hotspot, WiFi and mobile APP
Environmental assessment (soil heavy metal detection)
Hazardous waste screening
Quickly measure soil and outcrop formations to identify potential drilling targets
Real-time screening of borehole samples at open pit sites for real-time analysis of feed, concentrate and tailingOre trading, on-site detection and rapid classification, 1-3 seconds to measure the alloy grade and composition content, accuracy up to 0.01%