Fieldspec FAQ
Q12: How does the ATP9100 trreal-time data transfer to PC or laptop?
A: The ATP9100 transfers data to a PC or laptop via WiFi and Bluetooth just like a mobile phone
Q11: How to connnect ATP 9100 to pc software and get a download link?
Q10: What is the definition of field spectroradiometer?
A:  The field spectroradiometer is required to take to the field to perform continous reflectance measurement in just few seconds.
Q9: How to install the handheld fieldspec by the users?
A: Yes, click youtube video of Beginner guide to handheld fieldspec  to watch installation guide below:
Q8: What's the standard fiber attached to the ATP9100 handheld fieldspec order used for?
A: FOV for direct measure for eye capture distance, but one standard fiber attached for the fieldspec used for lengthen probe to detect long distance object.
Q7: Why Optosky ATP9100 or F relate to ASD fieldspec device?
A: Fieldspec abbreviates field spectroradiometer, and ATP9100 self-developed field spectroradiometer used to measure reflectance, absorbance, irradiance , chlorophyll and spectrum.
Q6: When ATP9100 fieldspec is self-developed to launch to the market ?
A: ASD fieldspec 2 stop production , and domestic ASD distributor contacted Optosky to develop this handheld device for replacement.
Q5: What format of data of ATP9100 or F handheld fieldspec?
A: wavelength and reflectance data  in txt format and image.
Q4: How to choose FOV for ATP9100 handheld fieldspec? 
A: Optosky manufactures handheld fieldspec easy for operate, FOV 25° selected for short distance measure, FOV 5° or 1° selected for long distance measure, and in this video shows the FOV degree showing on the screen to vivid see the sample and the laser spot point at the wall to indicate the sample position, the user can know where is the object locates.
Q3: What is the standard FOV of handheld fieldspec ?
A: 1º/8º/15º/25º
Q2: What is PC port of handheld fieldspec used for?
A: PC port of handheld fieldspec connect to desktop software to perform spectral analysis , data processing , data transfer. 
Q1: Is it has built-in GPS for record location?
A: It's available GPS function via wifi, but mechanically built-in Gyroscope can read out degree , area and distance.