Hyperspectal Imager FAQ
Q5:What is the principle of hyperspectral imaging?
A: a, The imaging camera is a huge database cube.
b, The database cube consists of spatial X,spatial Y and spectral λ dimensions.
c, Any point in the spatial dimension of the database cube can extract a complete spectral curve.
Q4: What is the Hyperspectral Imaging?
A: Hyperspectral imaging combines spectroscopy and photography of cubic image database at hundreds of wavelength bands.
Q3: What is the difference of hyperspectral & multispectral imager?
A: In general, hyperspectral imager includes contiguous spectrum of hundreds of wavelength bands. 
multi-spectral imager < 3-30 wavelength bands
hyperspectral imager > 30 wavelength bands
Q2:  What is hyperspectral imager developing trend ?
A: Hyperspectral imager origins from white & black color , colors (RGB) , multi-spectral imager ,
Q1: What is hyperspectral imaging software processing capabilities?
A:  The huge hyperspectral imaging has a vast cubic database , which requires to process qualitative & quantitative analysis modeling, 3D image shows vivid information.
In the future, the timing and positioning of hyperspectral imager together with qualitative & quantitative mature database process capabilities to applied to a wide application.