Capacitive non-contact displacement sensor

Capacitive non-contact displacement sensor
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Non-contact, Precise, rapid detection of capacitive sensor
The SM540 thickness measurement sensor uses a large gap between the dielectric constant of the silicon wafer and the air. Silicon wafers of different thicknesses have a significant impact on the capacitance value, so that the change of the thickness can be deduced through the change of the capacitance value. Capacitive thickness measurement, non-contact, non-destructive, fast, allows each silicon wafer to be directly measured in the production process, optimizes the semiconductor production process, reduces cycle time and cost in the production process, improves yield and production efficiency, and optimizes the production process efficiency and effectiveness.
During use, 1-6 pairs of upper and lower probes are used to measure the wafer thickness at different positions to calculate the average thickness of the wafer and the total thickness variation (TTV) thickness deviation to control the yield rate in the silicon wafer production process.
Based on the wafer thickness information, resistivity values can be obtained using eddy current techniques to report the resistivity of the sample under test.

Double-sided capacitive measurement
Non-contact, non-destructive testing
No sample pretreatment required, non-destructive measurement
The module testing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the repeatability is good
Thickness measurement range: thickness 100~1500 μm
Measurement accuracy: <1% or ±5μm
Result output: UART
Three-electrode structure and electric field shielding ring construction
The probe does not exert mechanical force on the measured object
Low component cost and easy installation The conductivity of the measured object does not affect the measurement

Factory inspection of silicon wafer manufacturers, automatic sorting
Incoming material inspection and process monitoring of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, sliced, solar cell wafers, etc.
Metal thin film thickness measurement
Support materials SiC, GaO, GaN and other silicon wafers