ATF8100 Auto-focus,Auto-scan Super FOV Fluorescence Microscopic

ATF8100 Auto-focus,Auto-scan Super FOV Fluorescence Microscopic
1 unit
Made in China
ATF8100 is a Auto-focus,Auto-scan Super FOV Fluorescence Microscopic,two light sources are available, mercury lamp and LED fluorescent light source.


ATF8100 is a Auto-focus,Auto-scan Super FOV Fluorescence Microscopic designed by Optosky,two light sources are available,100W digital mercury lamp power supply and LED fluorescent light source. A third-order filter is used to filter the light source, and a six-hole turntable epi-fluorescence device (optionally with B, G, UV, and V filters) can be used to switch between different color filters to collect fluorescent signals in different wavelength bands.

The ATF8100 is TE-cooled down to -20℃, high sensitivity and high resolution spectrometer, which can perform spectral analysis on the target in the imaging area with a resolution of <2nm.

ATF8100 is loaded with 50X50mm large-area electric scanning platform,supplemented by advanced and fast super-large image stitching algorithms,  thus achieve the functions of rapid scanning and large-area imaging.

The ATF8100 is equipped with a highly stable autofocus system that can dynamically adjust the focal length of the target in real time to achieve the best imaging effect.

The ATF8100 is connected to the computer via a USB 2.0 interface, and has advanced and easy-to-use PC-side control software, which can achieve perfect experimental operation.

ATF81005-mega pixels CCD
ATF8100ATE-COOLED 20-mega pixels high performance sCMOS, -15℃, sensitivity increased by 50%


  • TE-cooled down to -20℃, high sensitivity and high resolution spectrometer
  • Large area automatic scanning, automatic image splicing
  • Real-time autofocus
  • Powerful image acquisition and analysis software
  • Excellent infinity chromatic aberration correction optical system to ensure excellent resolution and clarity
  • Six-hole rotating disk fluorescence device, provides a variety of fluorescent excitation block selection
  • Five-hole turntable phase contrast device, equipped with 4X/10X/20X/40X/100X and other infinite flat field phase contrast objectives, can be used for phase contrast and bright field observation
  • Novel integrated frame provides excellent stability and operability
  • Modular structure design, multi-functional combination to ensure the versatility of the system
  • Large visual field eyepiece, field of view up to 23mm, more flat and comfortable observation
  • Two - shift three - eye observation tube,100% observation; 20% observation, 80% photography at the same time


  • Research Lab
  • Hospital and Biochemical Lab
  • Hospital Clinical Test
  • University Teaching