Multi-function Pre-treatment Instrument

Multi-function Pre-treatment Instrument
1 unit
Made in China


ATFD030 (Car) multi-function pre-treatment instrument, which is specially designed for Raman detect in the industry of food safety, SERS etc. It integrates multi-functions of ultrasonic dissolution, centrifuge, air dry and water bath. It features transportability, automatic, and simplicity.
The function of ultrasonic dissolution realizes extracting materials of sample detected in an effective way.

The function of the centrifuge can separate interference and apply for concentrating enhanced reagent.
The function of water bath can extract and concentrate samples.
The function of air dry can speed up concentration.
Four functions combination can satisfy Raman detect in the industry of food safety, SERS, and more. When detecting samples, it can operate and concentrate sample complex composition.
These functions can be adjusted and controlled by capacitive touch-screen, high-stability, adjustable ultrasonic time, centrifuge time, centrifuge rotation speed, heat time, etc.


  • Multi-functions of ultrasonic dissolution, centrifuge, warm bath, and air dry
  • All channels can hold six samples simultaneously
  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • High operating reliability
  • Ultrasonic dissolution time: 0~99min, time numbers are adjustable, resolution: 1s
  • Centrifuge rotation speed: 4000rpm~10000rpm, rotation speed numbers are adjustable.
  • water bath temperature:0~80℃
  • Transportability, automatic, and simplicity etc.
  • High stability


  • Food safety detection
  • Sample pretreatment and SERS-based detection
  • Pretreat Biological/Chemical samples pretreatment.