2000h Long-life Portable Halogen Light Source

2000h Long-life Portable Halogen Light Source
The Optosky ATG600 light source is designed for contact measurements of solid raw materials such as minerals, grains, other granular materials. Its innovative optical design minimizes measurement errors associated with stray light. 
In addition to the standard contact probe for ATG600 light source, Optosky also offer the leaf clip. 
All ATG600 light source can be available with a field fiber, designed for applications that outdoor environment. 

  • Weight : 0.7kg
  • light source : 20 W Halogen bulb
  • 12 V adaptor
  • Wavelength : 360nm-2500nm
  • Size : 27cm*6.5cm*5cm
  • light source life : >2000h
  • Halogen bulb color temperature : 3000K
  • Measure minerals 
  • Measure rock 
  • Measure plant 
  • Measure grains