SWIR Hyperspectral Imager

SWIR Hyperspectral Imager
1 unit
Made in China
Hyperspectral imaging systems are a powerful tool for non-contact or remote sensing of molecular chemical information of material quality or composition.


ATH1010-17 is compact and light SWIR hyperspectral camera fit to be mounted to the drone. With features of high spatial and spectral resolution, wide field imaging.

ATH1010-17 is made of two parts, imaging camera and hyperspetral imager applied PGP transmission grating technology and excellent aberration.

ATH1010-17 SWIR hyperspectral camera uses high resolution & performance cooled InGaAs CCD with 640×512 pixels or 1280×1024 pixels, clear imaging and low noise. ATH1010-17 SWIR hyperspectral camera shape long tube fit to multi-rotor drone. But ATH1010-17L shape bending optical bench design can fit more to fixed wing drone or short landing gear drone.

ATH1010-17 SWIR hyperspectral camera can fit to in field measure spectral information of plants, water, soils, the obtained spectrum used for analysis. The physical and chemical properties of plants build modeling with spectral database to be applied to plants classification, plants growth etc.

With compact design, high resolution, push broom imaging, this SWIR hyperspectral camera can be extended to many application in field, including rotary and indoor scan system, mounted on the drone for remote sensing.

ATH1010-17640×512 pixelscooled down to 0℃
ATH1010-17HRHigh resolution1280×1024 pixelscooled down to -10℃
ATH1010-17DPDeep cooled down to -70℃640×512 pixels
ATH1010L-17L-shape design fit to fixed wing drone or with short landing gear
ATH1010L-17HRL-shape design1280×1024 pixelsfit to fixed wing drone or with short landing gear
ATH1010L-17DPL-shape design, cooled down to -70℃640×512 pixels


     •  Wavelength:900~1700nm

     •  Spectral resolution:3.3~4.8 nm

     •  Optical bench:PGP design

     •  Max. FOV:31.7°

     •  Min. FOV:1.2 mrad

     •  Excellent imaging quality

     •  Advanced algorithm for impression images

     •  Compact size

     •  Light weight < 1450g

     •  No mechanical scan improve reliability


     •  Geology and mine exploration

     •  Agricultural growth and output appraisal

     •  Forestery and plant disease monitor

     •  Fire prevention monitor

     •  Coastline and sea environment monitor

     •  Pasture grass production and growth monitor

     •  Lake and river monitor

     •  Remote sensing teaching & research

     •  Meteorological research

     •  Ecosystem protection and mine monitor

     •  Water quality, soils monitor

     •  Agriculture and animal products quality

     •  Military, defense and land security

     •  Disaster prevention