Multi-Channel Spectrometers

Multi-Channel Spectrometers
1 unit
Made in China
With 20 years of experience in the development of optical fiber spectrometers, Optosky has launched a new generation of high-performance ultra-thin optical fiber spectrometers: ATL30007 has built-in 5 ultra -high resolution optical fiber spectrometers, each of which uses 4096-pixel high-sensitivity linear CMOS, and special Customized ultra-low noise CMOS signal processing circuit, which greatly reduces the noise of the sensor, obtains an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (about 2 times higher than similar competitors), and improves the measurement reliability of ATL30007 Multi-Channel spectrometer, and the measurement results do not follow The environmental temperature changes, which is the best level in the industry.
ATL30007 Multi-Channel spectrometer can receive SMA905 optical fiber input light or free space light, and output the measured spectrum data through USB2.0 or UART port.
ATL30007 Multi-Channel spectrometer only needs a 12V DC power supply or USB power supply, which is very easy to integrate and use.
You can select the right option from our range of detectors, choose different slits and gratings: anything is possible.
  • Detector: Linear CMOS
    (built-in 5 spectrometers)
  • Probe pixels: 4096 × 5 pixels
  • Ultra-low-noise CCD signal processing cir cuit
  • Maximum spectral range: 200-920nm ( depending on demand)
  • Spectral resolution: 0.087-0.16 nm (depending on the spectral range, slit width)
  • Optical path structure: Cross C-T
  • Integration time: 1ms-130s
  • Power supply: DC 12V ± 10%
  • Digital bit depth: 16 bit
  • Optical input interface: SMA905
  • Data output interface: USB2.0
  • The LIBS, Plasma emits light
  • Laser wavelength measurement
  • Spectral analysis / radiative spectroscopic analysis / spectrophotometric analysis
  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion
  • Low-pressure plasma spectroscopy
  • Detection Dielectric blocking discharge plasmaspectroscopy detection
  • Plasma processing process analysis