Confocal Microscope

Confocal Microscope
1 unit
Made in China
The ATM6000 confocal microscope is self-designed instrument used to scan three dimension profile of object surface at non-contact. It can measure 2D, 3D surface profile, and analyze size, roughness, flatness, curvature, precision and other parameters of object profile on the microscope.

ATM6000 3D Laser Scanning Microscope is self-designed to perform non-contact profile, roughness, and film thickness measurements with nanometre-level resolution on any material or shape. It’s principle of confocal technology, combined multiple holes disk for parallel scanning technology, high precision z-direction scanning module, and 3D modelling algorithm can scan on the object surface non-contact profile and 3D images, the software process 3D images to process and analyze data, result in ATM6000 used for 2D, 3D optical measur
ing instrument.

Confocal microscope is used to measure various from smooth to rough , from low to high reflectivity object surface, from nano-level to micron-level parts roughness, flatness, geometric profile microscopy, curvature etc. Measure result can be fully compliant with ISO, ASME, EUR, GBT international standards.

  • Superfun of 3D measuring on the confocal microscope
  • Precision fabrication: 3D profile, angle of high precision stylus tip
  • Glass panel: 3D profile, profile size of light guide plateLGP
  • Optical communication: 3D profile, Radius of curvature of microlens
  • Photovoltaic: 3D profile, tile height &width of grid-lines solar system
  • high precision angular sample

  • Semi-conductor manufacturing and encapsulation processing
  • Glass panel display and high precision component of electronic products
  • Optics manufacturing, micron-sized nano-materials manufacturing
  • Car parts manufacturing
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) component manufacturing

Its widely applied to measure surface profile, surface flaws, wear, corrosion, flatness, roughness, waviness, slit or space, tile height, bent or distortion, fabrication process of products, components, and material surface profile.