High-speed Spectrometer

High-speed Spectrometer
1 unit
Made in China


Optosky ATP2000H UV-Vis Spectrometer is a low-noise, high-performance, high frame speed(>2k fps). The Spectrometer sensor used 2048 pixel CMOS responding from 200-1100 nm.
ATP2000H Spectrometer is perfect for fast detection attribute to its high A/D converter frequency and the high speed data transmission. In ATP2000H Spectrometer  memory chip, some algorithms to improve the performance are programmed solidly, such as wavelength calibration coefficients, linearity coefficients. It output the spectrum data to PC through USB 2.0 or RS232 interface. ATP2000H Spectrometer operates with a single +5VDC supply supplied from USB or duo-pin interface.


  •  Spectral region: 200-1100 nm
  • Frame speed: >2Kfps
  • Spectral resolution: 0.1-3 nm
  • Optical configuration: crossed Czerny-Turner
  • Linear low noise CMOS detector with 2048 pixel
  • Integration times: 10μs-60s
  • Supply voltage: DC 5V (USB Power)
  • 16 bit, 2MHz A/D Converter
  • Spectrometer Interface: USB2.0 (High speed)
  • 20-pin connector for interfacing to external products


  • LED spectrophotometer
  • Fluorescence
  • Biochemical analyzer
  • Transmittance measurement
  • UV gas analyzer
  • Reflectance measurement
  • Multi-parameter water quality analyzer
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