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Uncooled UV-enhance & High Resolution vs HR4000

high resolution spectrometers
Uncooled UV-enhance & High Resolution vs HR4000
1 unit
Optosky ATP3000/ATP3040 are low-noise, high-resolution optic fiber spectrometer. It employs 2048/4096pixels CCD sensor spectral response covering UV to NIR wavelength. Readout speed reach up to 10MHz, low noise signal  process circuit, and fast and accurate spectral data  collection.   
ATP3040 further improve SNR and dynamic range based on ATP3000, so measuring results have high stability and reliability, and they do not change with operating    temperatures.
ATP3000/3040 supplies power directly via USB port, and    outputs data via USB2.0/UART, and it's convenient to apply integration.
PNCCD pixelsCooling
ATP30002048pixelsUncooled CCD
ATP30404096pixelsUncooled CCD

Resolution: 0.01-2 nm
Detector pixels2048
High sensitivity1300V  (lx•s)
Response rangefrom UV to NIR
Maximum readout speed 10MHz max
Optical path crossed C-T
Integration time1ms-65535ms
Power supplyUSB port
Light input connector: SMA905 or free space
Data output connectorUSB2.0(High speed) or UART

Small volume, fast spectrophotometer
Spectral analysis/ radiation spectrophotometer analysis
Transmission, absorbance measurement
Reflectance detection
Laser wavelength measurement
UV, VIS and short wave NIR wavelength measurement