Raman Micro Spectrometer

Raman Micro Spectrometer
1 unit
Made in China

ATP5020R Raman spectrometer as a new generation NIR response enhanced of TE-cooled high performance self-developed model base on 20 year experience.
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer's unique NIR response CCD especially enhance 785 nm Raman spectrometer performance up to 2 times higher than the competitors.
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer can customize to 532 . 785 , 633, 830 nm Raman series micro spectrometer.
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer design back-thinned TE-cooled CCD cooled down to -10 degree from Japanese Hamamatsu sensor company
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer designs the lowest noise at an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, say 2 times higher SNR
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer has an excellent reliability can improve the reliability without changing with the ambient temperature
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer unique designed lowest noise CCD sensor signal processing at a level less than counts. 
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer can receive via SMA905 or Free space via USB2.0 or UART port.
ATP5020R Raman spectrometer exclusively SDK package for OEM Raman spectrometer factory.

Back-thinned CCD (cooled down to -10C)
Customized Raman shift 150 cm﹣¹ to 4300 cm ﹣¹
Optical resolution: 7-12 cm﹣¹ at slit 25μm (Customized resolution & slit)
SNR: 900:1
Dynamic Range: 10000: 1
Integration time: 1ms to 30 min
Free Raman spectrometer software
Configured Raman spectrometer, Raman probe and laser support self setup Raman system


  • Raman spectrometer 
  • Online Raman spectroscopy analysis
  • Material identification
  • Pharmaceuticals Analysis
  • Medical & Life Science
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Sorting fruits, plastics, polymers