4096 pixles & Cooled -5℃ High-sensitivity Spectrometer

4096 pixles & Cooled -5℃ High-sensitivity Spectrometer
1 unit


Optosky ATP5040 uses 4096pixels, other parameters almost the same as ATP5020, it employs the ultra-high performance, high-sensitivity, high-resolution, and cost-effective model. The award-winner spectrometer is called cooled Maya, it can even replace Maya and QE65 in SNR, sensitivity, and resolution. It's ideal for Raman system well. It uses, a back-thinned CCD array, TE-cooled down to -5 ℃. Sensor noise is further reduced, and SNR is almost 2 times higher than others. Increased reliability can remain measure result unchanged with temperature.
Customized design of ultra-low noise CCD signal processing circuit built inside, Noise is lower can 3 counts is ahead of records in the industries.
ATP5040 is designed with SMA905 optic fiber entrance connector or free space, and it outputs spectral data via USB2.0/UART


  • Detector:back-thinned CCD, TE-cooled down to -5 ℃
  • CCD parameters: 4096pixels, 14×14um
  • Ultra-low noise CCD signal processing circuit
  • Spectral range: 200-1100nm
  • Spectral resolution: 0.01-1.3nm(depend on spectral range, slit width)
  • Optical path:crossed Czerny-Turner (C-T)
  • Integration time:1ms-30s
  • power supply:DC 5V±10% @ <2.3A
  • 18 bit, 570KHz A/D Converter
  • Entrance connector:SMA905 connector or free space
  • Output interface: high-speed USB2.0 or UART
  • 20 pins, dual rows programmable extension connector


  • Raman spectrometer
  • Micro spectrophotometer,
  • high-speed spectrophotometer
  • Spectral analysis /radiation spectrophotometer/ spectrophotometric analysis
  • Transmittance, absorbance, reflectance detection
  • Wavelength detection
  • LIBS