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Ultra-high Resolution Grating Spectrometer

grating spectrometer
Ultra-high Resolution Grating Spectrometer
1 unit
Made in China
ATP7330 spectrometer adopts reflective grating, which is convenient for quick replacement. The grating tower wheel is controlled by software, which can accurately locate the grating and test wavelength.


ATP7330 spectrometer is an ultra-high resolution spectrometer developed by Optosky with 20 years of spectrometer development experience. After five years of research and development, ATP7330 spectrometer adopts reflective grating, which is convenient for quick replacement. The grating tower wheel is controlled by software, which can accurately locate the grating and test wavelength.
The ATP7330 system uses a simulated and optimized optical system to ensure high resolution. This design provides the possibility of multi fiber imaging at the same time by correcting the aberration. ATP7330 series has multiple input and output options, providing endless possibilities, scalability and diversity for researchers. Both single point detectors and array cameras can be used.
ATP7330 spectrometer has four models with different focal lengths: 210, 350, 510 and 760mm. Different from prism spectrum or transmission grating, each ATP7330 can cover applications from ultraviolet to near-infrared and short wave infrared bands. Just select the appropriate grating, you can have more freedom in the selection of wavelength and resolution.
ATP7330 spectrometer can receive SMA905 fiber input light or free space light, and output the measured spectral data through USB2.0 or UART port.。
ATP7330 spectrometer only needs a + 12V DC power supply, which is very easy to use. All the controls can be electrically controlled by software.


  • Ultra high resolution, up to 0.01nm;
  • Four different lengths customized: 210, 350, 510, 760mm
  • Wavelength range: 150nm-25 um (Customized)
  • Tower rotation grating, built-in 3 gratings, multiple gratings optional: 90, 150, 300, 400, 500, 600, 900, 1200, 800, 2400, 3600 line;
  • Power supply: DC 12V@<4A;
  • ADC depth: 18 bit (output 16bit);
  • Multiple optical input interfaces: SM905 fiber interface or free space input;
  • Dual-output with two CCD configured (Si CCD & InGaAs CCD);
  • Crossed C-T light path and toroidal aberration calibration design;
  • The control of the instrument (such as grating conversion, wavelength scanning, etc.) is all controlled by computer
  • Data output interface: USB2.0 & UART;
  • 15-pin expansion interface;
  • SMA external trigger signal;
  • Multiple attachment can be select.


  • Raman Spectroscopy;
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy;
  • Photoluminescence Spectroscopy;
  • Absorption, Reflection & Transmission Spectroscopy;
  • LIBS;
  • Microscope.

Selection Table

PNFocal LengthAperture RatioPMT Resolution*CCD Resolution**Linear Dispersion
ATP7330-FL210210mmF/3.50.4 nm0.4 nm4.17 nm/mm
ATP7330-FL350350mmF/4.20.1 nm0.14 nm2.38 nm/mm

1.with 1200 g/mm grating @ 435.8 nm and 10μm slit width and 4 mm slit height

2. with 1200g/mm grating @ 435.8nm 14μm pixel, 20μm slit width