Advanced 3-stage NIR512-2.5 Spectrometer

Advanced 3-stage NIR512-2.5 Spectrometer
1 unit
Made in China

ATP8000-5-26 is self-developed by Optosky for higher performance NIR spectrometer, 900-2600nm NIR, Near Infrared spectrometer with 512 pixels, InGaAs cooled down to -25ºC, super reliability.
What is 3-stage cooling technology definition? It's further cool down 55 degree from room temperature, cooled down to -25 to -30 degree.
Advanced 3-stage cooling technology bring users highest NIR spectroscopy technology in the world.
Allow for custom or preconfigured wavelength range, resolution by changing grating lines or slit size. Three common standard maxium wavelength are ATP8000-5-17 900-1700 nm, ATP8000-5-21 900-2100 nm , ATP8000-5-26 900-2600 nm.
Crossed C-T optical bench design the higher sensitivity improve measure accuracy and detect tiny change spectrum, the optimized optical resolution level is superior for NIR spectrometer manufacturing.


  • Advanced 3-stage cooling NIR spectrometer Technology
  • Widest NIR range: 900-2600 nm 
  • Extendable range from UV VIS to Mid IR: 200-5000 nm
  • Free NIR spectrometer software
  • Global leading NIR spectrometer technology from Manufacturer with 20 year
  • Custom or preconfigured wavelength range and optical resolution

  • Chemical composition of Plastics, Polymers
  • Waste water detection
  • Water, Protein, Fat contents of grains
  • Carbonization characterization analysis during Paper making and pulp processing
  • Online monitoring Chinese herb production
  • Solar cell detection
  • QA/QC inspection of pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Soils component analysis 
  • NIR laser characterization
  • Hydrocarbon analysis in oil and gas