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Cooled -20℃ & Ultra-high Resolution SWR

swir spectrometer
Cooled -20℃ & Ultra-high Resolution SWR
1 unit
Made in China
ATP8730 is an ultra-high-resolution, ultra-high-speed, short-wave infrared series micro-optic spectrometer developed by Optosky, with a maximum working range of 900-1700nm (the actual range can be customized).

ATP8730is an ultra-high-resolution,  ultra-high-speed,short-wave infrared series  micro-optic spectrometer developed by Optosky, with a maximum working range of 900- 1700nm(the actual range can be customized).It adopts a2048-pixel InGaAs array detector,and it adopts optimization. The optical path design has an    amazing resolution of 30pm.
At the same time,Optosky specially   customized the ultra-low noise CCD signal-related dual sampling processing circuit for ATP8730,   with a minimum quantization noise of less than 25 counts,which greatly reduces the noise of the    sensor and obtains an excellent signal-to-noise  ratio (about two times higher than similar  competitors),and The measurement reliability of  ATP8730is improved,and the measurement   results do not change with ambient temperature.ATP8730can receive SMA905fiber input   light or free space light,and output the measured spectral data through the USB2.0/USB3.0or   UART port.
ATP8730 only needs a +5V DC power supply, which is directly supplied through the USB3.0 interface without external power supply. It is very easy to integrate and use. Combined with the characteristics of ultra-high sampling rate, it is especially suitable for laser wavelength monitoring, optical communication wavelength monitoring, food sorting and other applications.

      1024-pixel InGaAs detector;
     Ultra-high frame rate:10KHz;
     Maximum spectral range: 900- 1700nm
     Minimum spectral resolution: 30 pm (related to the
width of   the incident slit);
     Integration time: 10μs - 256s;
     Power supply:DC 5V@<1A;
     Power interface:USB power supply;
     ADC depth: 16 bits;
      Optical input interface:SM905optical fiber ; 
     interface or free space input;
     Data output interface:USB3.0and UART;
      20-pin extended interface;
      Off-SMA trigger signal;


  • Monitoring of the laser wavelength;
  • Optical communication wavelength monitoring;
  • High-speed ion luminescence monitoring;
  • Food sorting, moisture, protein, fat and fiber detection of crops;
  • Paper sorting;
  • Online monitoring of Chinese medicine production;
  • Solar panel inspection;