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Long Length Raman Probe

Raman Probe
Long Length Raman Probe
1 unit
Made in China
Long length Raman probe can resist high temperature and corrosion of acidic and alkaline by self-designed Raman probe available in wavelength of 785, 1064, 532, 830, 473 nm
ATR20108 is the latest long Raman probe designed by Optosky. It has a long arm of up to 5 meters, which can easily measure samples at the bottom of the reactor with a depth of 5 meters, which cannot be achieved in traditional Raman spectroscopy. This long arm Raman probe built-in high efficient optical  path  can  resist  Rayleigh  scattering with OD>8.
It adopts the special optical path design of the patent technology of Optosky, which avoids the shortcomings of low optical efficiency of the traditional long rod probe and high requirements for the application occasions. ATR20108 is configured to ATR7010 in-situ Raman spectrometer, especially fit to any in process monitor.
ATR20108Standard configuration
ATR20108HTResist up to temperature of 300℃ (High-Temperature)
ATR20108ACResist to corrosion (Anti-Corrosion)

Raman probe length up to 5 meters    Auto-Switch on four channels
Slim length for easy to operate
Raman  probe of 785, 1064, 532, 830, 473 nm
OD >8
Highly  resistant  to  corrosion  of  acidic  and alkaline, optional stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy alloy 
Resist to high temperature up to 300℃ (ATR20108HT)
Raman spectrometer
In process reaction monitor
Liquid materials dip on the bottom container