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Handheld XRF Analyzer

XRF Alloy Analyzer
Handheld XRF Analyzer
1 unit
Made in China
The 3rd generatation Handheld XRF,Advanced, Fastest and most accurate XRF Technology, 5.5" Touch screen 720x1280pixels.
Optosky ATX3600 is self-designed handheld X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy analyzer. Optosky is the most affordable handheld XRF analyzer manufacturer for fast, accurate, and reliable XRF spectrometer, With the rugged and compact size, the fastest identification of alloy, precious metals, mining.
With advantage of SDD Elements Mg~U, Alloy grade >2000 , free library> 300 entries, self-building library, SS, Alloy steel, Tool steel grade identification and contents, percentage, including common several hundreds of SS201, SS203, SS301, SS304, SS316, SS321. Copper alloy steel grade, contents, say brass, bronze, copper, pure copper etc.Various alloy of Ti , Sn, Lead, Zn, Tungsten, Al, Ni. Precious metal of Gold, Ag, Platinum, Rhodium, Pd.
It is a powerful tool in quality control (QA/QC),  positive material identification (PMI), mixture identification, Recycling, Grade ID in steel smelting, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical refining, fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical, electric power plant, aerospace and other industries.

5.5 Inch Touch Screen
Elements Mg~U12-92
Free Alloy grade library over 300 entries, self-building libraryidentify over 2000 alloys
Advanced, Fastest and most accurate XRF Technology
One button operation,Auto power off time, Auto calibration
Windows software user friendly interface
Export test result within 1 second
Visually display spectrum on the device and mobile
Export test report format editable by the user
Sample state of solid, powder and sheet
Good reliability and detect limit <0.01%

NDT, Fast, Accuracy alloy elements ID and grades ID
Metal ID/ Scrap Metal Sorting
QA/QC manufacturing
Pharmaceutical and biological medicine
Positive materials ID, oil refining, petrifaction
Thermo/Water/Nuclear power plant
Raw materials PMI ID