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Benchtop XRF Spectrometer

X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer
Benchtop XRF Spectrometer
1 unit
Made in China
XRF for non-destructive elemental analysis of sodium (Na) through uranium (U) - in solids, liquids, powders and thin films - from parts-per-billion (ppb) levels to 100%
The ATX3650 is an X-ray fluorescence analyzer that uses X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. With the continuous promotion of X-ray fluorescence spectrometry analysis technology, the use of X-ray fluorescence spectrometer analysis and detection has become the main means of quality control in many industries.
ATX3650 X-ray fluorescence analyzer is a high-end analytical instrument specially customized for non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, beneficiation and smelting, and geological industries. This product is elegant and beautiful in appearance, sturdy and durable, and has multiple safety protection modes. Equipped with a collimating filter system, the software can automatically switch to meet various test applications. At the same time, we use self-developed SES signal processing system, multi-dimensional cooling system, radiation safety system, vacuum system and other technologies to ensure the safety, stability and accuracy of products.
ATX3650 software integrates various analysis methods such as empirical coefficient method, theoretical alpha coefficient method, linear fitting, quadratic curve, intensity correction, content correction, etc., to fully guarantee the accuracy of test data.
XRF for non-destructive elemental analysis of sodium (Na) through uranium (U) - in solids, liquids, powders and thin films - from parts-per-billion (ppb) levels to 100%

  • Excellent performance, high speed, good precision and high efficiency
  • Short test analysis time (simultaneous and accurate analysis of dozens of elements from 11 sodium (Na) to 92 uranium (U) within 1-120 seconds)
  • The self-developed SES signal processing system (digital multi-channel) is used to effectively improve the peak-to-background ratio and make the measurement more accurate.
  • Optimize the integrated heat dissipation design, so that the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine is greatly improved, and the operation safety of the X-ray source is ensured
  • Multiple radiation protection design, radiation protection level belongs to the highest level of similar products
  • Choose a vacuum system, optimize the test environment, and improve the analysis accuracy of light elements such as magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus and sulfur
  • The unique movement temperature monitoring technology ensures the safe and reliable operation of the radiation source, effectively prolongs its service life and reduces the cost of use
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Black metal
  • Beneficiation and smelting
  • Geological industry
Packing List
1Digital multichannel SDD detector1Standard
2X-ray source1Standard
3High voltage power supply1Standard
4SNR Electronic wiring system1Standard
5Optical path enhancement system1Standard
68 collimators + 5 filters1Standard
7Digital multichannel analyzer1Standard
8Evacuation systems1Standard
9Brand inkjet printers1Standard
10Branded computers1Standard
11X fluorescence full-element analysis software1Standard
12Sample cup, fuse1Standard
13Spectroscopic regulated power supply (optional)1Optional
14Spectroscopic special grinder (optional)1Optional
15Spectroscopic special melting machine (optional)1Optional
16Spectroscopic special mill (optional)1Optional
17Melted platinum crucible (optional)1Optional
18Spectrometer special tablet press (optional)1Optional