Non-Contact Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer

Non-Contact Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer
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Made in China
Infrared online moisture analyzer, non-contact, continuous, real-time, on-line measuring moisture.
GY1000 Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer is a real-time online measurement system for measuring the moisture content of substances developed by using the absorption principle of moisture in the near-infrared band.
GY1000 Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer uses the optimized optical path system and perfect signal processing technology and algorithm, combined with the spectral analysis technology accumulated by Optoelectronics over the years, to provide users with a new generation of leading online moisture measurement solutions.
The composition of GY1000 Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer mainly includes detection probe, display, supporting power supply and cables. The probe is used as a photoelectric detection and signal processing system, and the display shows the measurement results and provides a human-computer interaction interface. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, GY1000 Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer provides data storage and warning functions, and supports network linkage with other industrial equipment, further improving the intelligence of industrial production.

  • Non-contact, non-destructive, real-time dynamic online test system;
  • Replaceable halogen tungsten light source with long life, higher luminous efficiency;
  • Adopt dual-cooled PBS infrared detector to improve temperature stability;
  • 4 wavelengths and 8 beams technology ensures more accurate and stable results;
  • High-speed brushless motor ensures more accurate signal sampling results;
  • Dynamic dark current correction, digital filtering to eliminate interference and reduce thermal noise and other external influences;
  • High-definition touch screen displays real-time measurement data, which can store measurement data within 30 days;
  • Split design, one controller can link 4 probes;
  • Sturdy industrial design, dust-proof and water-repellent, suitable for various industrial sites;
  • Simple and convenient maintenance;
  • Textile industry: fabrics, yarns, garments, wallpaper, etc.
  • Food industry, food processing, tea, ceramic industry, glass industry, cement industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, wood industry, paper industry, etc.
  • Steel industry: sintering mixture, pellet raw material, before and after drying, pelletizing, etc.
  • Non-ferrous metals: bauxite, copper concentrate, mineral sand, nickel ore, gold, silver, lead and zinc concentrate, alumina and non-ferrous smelting, etc.
  • Tobacco industry: cigarette packs, tobacco stems, tobacco leaves, shredded tobacco, re-drying, tobacco sticks, etc.
System Application
Figure 1 Application of GY1000 Online Infrared Moisture Analyzer
GY1000Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer is installed 20-40cm above the object to be measured, fixed and powered on, the controller can automatically measure the water content of the object to be measured, and the controller can output control signals to PLC to control other devices.
Working Principle
Water exhibits strong absorption characteristics for some specific wavelengths of infrared light (as shown in the left figure below). When the material is irradiated with these specific wavelengths of infrared light, the water contained in the material will absorb part of the energy of the infrared light, and the more water there is. The more the absorption is, the less reflected light can be measured to calculate the moisture of the material. Based on the above principle, GY1000 Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer is developed using the more widely used diffuse reflection theory of water.
Optosky fully absorbs the pain points of the industry and digs deep into the needs of customers. GY1000 Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer is the first in China to adopt dual-cooled imported lead sulfide detectors, with 4 wavelengths and 8 beams technology, supplemented by Optosky's years of photoelectric accumulation, aiming to create a domestic leading near-infrared detector Online moisture content analyzer, the principle of GY1000 Infrared Online Moisture Analyzer optical path is shown in the right figure below.