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Company Profile


A. R&D Capacities

Q1: What qualification required for the R&D department?
Optosky: 65% of R&D staff are undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in optoelectronics. There are also 3 PhDs involved in product design and development.
Q2: What are the advantages of your design principle?

Optosky: All of the Optosky products are self-designed and advance technology all over the world.

Q3. How often do your products update?

Optosky: There are new products publish plan base on a monthly or quarterly, which will be published on the official website.

Q4. What are the technical and industrial standards of your products?

Optosky: 《China National Standard Drafter for Raman spectrometer》,《China National Standard Drafter for Hazmat detector based on Raman spectroscopy》,《China National Standard Drafter for Buoy-type Monitor eco-environment》,《China National Standard Drafter for water quality monitor in unmanned boat》,《China National Standards Drafter for online water quality monitor by spectroscopy》《China National Standard Drafter for UV-absorbent measure fabrics》

Q5. What are the advantages of your products compared with the competitors?


High performance cost-effective

A full range of categories for selection

Technology Leader

OEM customization

Out design: simple and generous, easy to operate

High sensitivity, high resolution, high performance

Q1. What patents, certifications, and intellectual property rights does your product have?

B.Engineering Capabilities

C.Manufacturing Capabilities

Q1.How many people do you have in your company?

Optosky: About 150 personnel.
Q2.What's the lead time of standard order?
Optosky: 2weeks.

D.Product Categories

Q1 . What are the categories of your products?

Optosky: Optical fiber spectrometer, Field Spectroradiometer, Fluorescence spectrometer, Raman spectrometer, Ultra-micro volume spectrophotometer, Hyperspectral imager, and other spectral solution instruments.
Q2. What are the specifications and styles of your existing products?


Raman Spectrometer Series:ATR6500,ATR6600,ATR6600Pro,ATR8500,ATR8800...

Optical fiber spectrometer Series:ATP6500,ATP2000P,ATP3334,ATP5040,ATP5020P...

Field spectroradiometer Series :ATP9100,ATP9110,ATP9101...

Hyperspectral imager Series:ATH6010,ATH5010,ATH6010,ATH9010...

Ultra-micro volume spectrophotometer Series:Nanobio 200,Nanobio 300,Nanobio 500...

E.Market and Brand

Q1. Which industries do you mainly cover in the market?

Optosky: Public security, industrial testing, food safety, scientific research market, geographic information, and smart agriculture, water quality, and environmental protection.
Q2. What is the company's advantage?

Optosky:20-Year Focus on Developing SpectrometersNo.1 brand of Raman Spectrometer in ChinaOriginally funded by National Science and Technology Major scientific instrumentWorldwide sales channel
Q3. What's our customer's list?

Optosky: Many famous universities and institutes: eg: