Rotary Scan Hyperspectral Imaging System

Rotary Scan Hyperspectral Imaging System
1 unit
Made in China
Hyperspectral imaging systems are a powerful tool for non-contact or remote sensing of molecular chemical information of material quality or composition.


ATH3010 is a miniature hyperspectral imager with small size and light weight.
In addition to small size and light weight, the ATH3010 has the characteristics of high spatial resolution, high spectral resolution and wide imaging range. ATH3010 at the same time built-in high stability high blue lighting source, and the power is adjustable, no additional light source.
The ATH3010 is composed of two parts: hyperspectral imager and automatic electric rotary table. The high spectral instrument is based on high efficiency transmission grating technology and has good aberration characteristics.
The ATH3010 can also be installed on a tripod or pole, and add automatic calibration device, weather monitoring sensor, etc., so as to achieve a long time, large area scan of the target.



High sensitivity hyperspectral imager
13 megapixel visible light camera, spectral integration;
High-performance image sensor, extremely cost-effective
High stability high blue lighting source, power adjustable
Full target surface high imaging quality optical design, point row spot diameter less than 0.5 pixel 
The objective lens interface is standard C-Mount, and the objective lens can be replaced according to user requirements
Band range: 400-1000nm
Hyperspectral resolution: 1.3 nm
Maximum Angle of view: 31.7°
Minimum instantaneous field of view Angle: 1.2 mrad
Excellent imaging performance
Agricultural application: pest monitoring, nutrient monitoring, disaster assessment, crop yield estimation, etc
Forestry: Tree categories identification, Phytomass, nutrient elements, forest health etc.
Water Environment: Water quality parameters, water waste spatial distribution and migration analysis
Soil pollution: heavy metal waste
Minerals: Mineral mapping, ingredients explore, metallogenic prognosis etc.
CityUrban planning, road monitoring, landscape vegetation monitoring, environmental protection