Rotary Transmission Infrared Liquid Analyzer

Rotary Transmission Infrared Liquid Analyzer
1 unit
FTIR Spectrometer with single Rotate module,100um pathlength,ZnSe Window, Spectral Range5000-500cm-1; Resoluton:Better than 1cm-1.

The newly designed ATP8900-RT rotating transmission infrared liquid analyzer by Optosky perfectly combines the high light flux of the transmission method and the simplicity of sample preparation of the ATR method, and the rotating head of the analyzer can be configured with up to 4 different optical paths. The optical window and a cleaning station greatly meet the testing needs of different customers. When performing liquid quantitative testing, only one drop of liquid can meet the measurement requirements.

   Flexibility: Combinesthe high light flux and the ATR methodis simple; up to 4 optical windows with different optical lengths and 1 cleaning position, which greatly meetsthe testing needs of different customers.

    Sensitivity:Designed with high luminous flux ZnSe crystal,which has excellent sensitivity.

    Simple:Easy to operate and simple to clean.

    High sensitivity in transmissionThe optical path of 100 microns is the most commonly used, if converted to the number of reflections of ATR, then this optical path is equivalent to 50 reflections of the ATR crystal @1000cm-1

• Configure optical windows with different optical lengths at the same time, so that is very convenient 
• Loading the sample is very simple and efficient, just drop a drop of liquid on the surface of the crystal, similar to the ATR measurement method;
• Quickly obtain spectra with high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio;
• It is very convenient to clean the sample;
• Rotating heads with different optical path lengths can be customized ,suitable for your best concentration analysis
• Users can choose either DLaTGS detector or MCT detector .
Liquid test
Accurate Quantitative Measurement
Qualitative analysis of organic solutions, organic solvents, and various oil products
Quantitative analysis of impurities, aqueous solution system, etc.