Fluorescence Analysis Measurement Solution

Fluorescence is a form of luminescence, when a short wavelength excitation light on an substance, can observe longer wavelength light on other position of substance (usually observed from vertical position).

Fig 2 Fluorescence sample cell and functions graphWhen one wavelength incident light (usually UV or X-ray) shoot on one material, and material absorbed light immediately emit longer wavelength light, usually in vis range, once incident light stops, emission disappear at once. Fluorescence measure cuvette holder design to hold fluorescence filter slot, and can be changeable to different filters configuration. The customer can select different light source and filters according to materials measured. It can adopt exclusive fluorescence LED light source or Tungsten light source, and filters OD3 can satisfy most common demands.

Optosky exclusive software can realize background deduct and multiple average noise deduction.Optosky qualityOptosky self-develop whole system of absorbance measure, fluorescence measure solution and other accessories, take an instance of ATP2002 employs absorbance measure solution for COD concentration, mold-built can reach up to 0.99995, high linearityAttachment ( Click picture to more details )