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Oil Pollution Remote Sensing System

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Oil Pollution Remote Sensing System
1 unit
Made in China


The significant impact of oil spills on Marine ecosystems has attracted worldwide attention.Offshore drilling platforms and ship accidents are the main source of oil spills.

ATE5000 UAV fluorescence imaging oil pollution remote sensing system is a new generation of oil pollution remote sensing detector launched by Optosky.ATE5000 UAV fluorescence imaging oil pollution remote sensing system using the world’s most advanced high-frequency modulation Laser-Induced Fluorescence high-speed imaging remote sensing technology.It provides a new and more powerful technique for environmental monitoring to study water pollution by studying the fluorescence characteristics of algae and oil spills.Laser-induced fluorescence method uses specific spectral characteristics to provide identification of different types of release effects of oil and weathering.

The ATE5000 UAV fluorescence imaging oil pollution remote sensing system has fast scanning speed and long flight time.

ATE5000-DXYWith a 6-rotor UAV, the flight time is up to 1.5 hours and the scanning area is 1-20 square kilometers
ATE5000-GDYWith fixed wings, the flight time can be up to three hours and the scanning area can be 5-500 square kilometersLong endurance and large scanning area

High accuracy, fluorescence is the fingerprint spectrum of material, there will be a spill of oil fluorescence, will not misjudge.


  • High frequency modulation fluorescence, high speed imaging.
  • Long flight time, up to 1.5 hours.
  • Flying altitude,about 50 meters.
  • Scanning area:1-20KM2
  • Can work during the day and night without interference from background light such as sunlight.
  • High precision GPS navigation planning.
  • Wireless data transmission.
  • transfer download and display measurement data in real-time.


  • Remote sensing of oil spills in rivers and lakes
  • Remote sensing of oil spills in the ocean
  • Chlorophyll remote sensing detection in rivers and lakes