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VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Camera

hyperspectral camera
VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Camera
1 unit
Made in China
ATH1010-4-25 is a new and optimized shortwave infrared hyperspectral imaging system with small size and light weight. The spectral range is 400 ~ 2500nm. Except, ATH1010-4-25 has high spatial resolution, high spectral resolution, wide imaging range, etc. And it consists of two parts: imaging lens and hyperspectral camera.
ATH1010-4-25is a new and optimized shortwave infrared hyperspectral imaging system with small size and light weight.The spectral range is 400 ~ 2500nm. Except,  ATH1010-4-25  has  high  spatial  resolution, high spectral resolution,wide imaging range,etc.And it consists of two parts:imaging lens and hyperspectral camera.
ATH1010-4-25uses high-performance Te-cooled CCD imaging device with 2048x 1200pixels and 640 x 512pixels,which makes it has clear image,less noise and good linearity.
With  its  temperature-stable    optical    system, ATH1010-4-25    provides    excellent    stability    and sensitivity   required   in   VIS-NIR   infrared   chemical imaging    applications,   and    meets    the    stringent requirements of  laboratory,    field,    and    industrial applications,   making   it   become   the   right-hand   in applications such as drug quality inspection,food safety, and agricultural analysis.

    Spectral Range 380 ~ 2500 nm
   Max Spatial Channels  2048
   Max Spectral Channels   1200
   Max FOV 21.7°(Depending on the lens)
    Superior imaging performance
   Data format is compatible with ENVI;
   Dimensions 372mm × 276mm × 185mm
   Light weight4.56kg
   No mechanical scanning,high reliability;

Prospecting for geology and minerals;

Agriculture Monitoring:Crop condition and yieldassessment
Forest pest and fire prevention monitoring Coastline and ocean monitoring
Pasture monitoring
Lake and watershed monitoring
Remote sensing teaching and research  
Industrial sorting
Ecological environment protection and mine monitoring
Water quality and soil monitoring