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VNIR Hyperspectral Imager

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VNIR Hyperspectral Imager
1 unit
Made in China
ATH1010 is made of two parts, imaging lens and hyperspectral imager designed PGP transmission grating technology with excellent aberration.


   ATH1010 is low cost hyperspectral camera for industrial application, with compact, lightweight, and miniature hyperspectral camera, and it employs CMOS sensor, high performance-to-price ratio.
  ATH1010 hyperspectral imaging camera employs convex grating technology and good aberration characteristics. 1920X1200 pixels high-performance imaging hyperspectral imaging camera is used to detect real time geological spectrum data such as plant, water creature, soil etc. They receive spectral imaging to make analysis, and build up relationship with physical and chemical properties of plants, then data collected are applied to research plant classification, growth etc. The whole system has compact design, and it employs high resolution, external push broom imaging, setup independent detection system separately in combination with outdoor rotation platform and indoor linear scanning platform, and mounted in the UAVs to operate flight remote sensing.


ATH1010Narrow FOV, 1920×1200 pixels
ATH1010WWide FOV, 2048×2048 pixels
ATH1010KATH1010 plus housing
ATH1010LL-shape designNarrow FOVfit to fixed wing drone or with short landing gear
ATH1010LWL-shape designWide FOVfit to fixed wing drone or with short landing gear



        Spectral resolution:<1.3 nm

        Optical bench:PGP design

        Max. FOV:31.7°

        Min. FOV:1.2 mrad

        Excellent imaging quality

        Advanced algorithm for impression images

        Compact size: 279×64×55 mm

        Light weight < 700g

        No mechanical scan improve reliability


        Geology and mine exploration,Mineral mapping, ingredients explore, metallogenic prognosis

        City geological: substances classification and identification

        Agricultural growth and output appraisal,plant diseases and insect pest, disaster, categories ID 

        Forestery and plant disease monitor,Tree categories identification, Phytomass, nutrient elements, forest health

        Fire prevention monitor

        Coastline and sea environment monitor

        Pasture grass production and growth monitor

        Lake and river monitor

        Remote sensing teaching & research

        Meteorological research

        Ecosystem protection and mine monitor

        Soil Pollution, heavy metal waste

        Water quality, Water quality parameters, water waste spatial distribution and migration analysis

        Animal products quality

        Military, defense and land security

        Disaster prevention