Compact Hyperspec Microscope

Compact Hyperspec Microscope
1 unit
Made in China
ATH5010 spectral camera is self-developed hyperspectral imaging microscope with compact size, HD, high quality,it comsists of microscope, hyperspectral imager and data processing work station.
ATH5010 is self-developed hyperspectral imaging microscope with compact size, HD, high quality, the main function is to scan microsamples particles, can get the various areas reflectance curve ,it consists of microscope, hyperspectral imager and sample stage etc.
ATH5010 employs 1920×1080 pixels (OptionalMaximum 2048×2048 pixels) high performance hyperspectral imaging component, clear images, low noise. ATH5010 adopts high-stability, high energy blue and infrared light source, long-life LED light source, and adopts co-axial lighting source design, which is very convenient to use and does not require maintenance operations such as replacing the light source for a long time.
Hyperspectral imaging technology provides spectral images with fast, accurate,and high spectral and spatial resolution, and universality. It can widely applied to medicine, pathology, pharmaceutical, life science.etc. As well as medical institute, research science, medical college, pharmaceutical companies laboratory research equipment.
ATH5010Upright Microscope400~1000nm
ATH5010-17Upright Microscope900~1700nm
ATH5010-25Upright Microscope100~2500nm
ATH5010-4-17Upright Microscope400~1700nm
ATH5010-4-25Upright Microscope400~2500nm

Wide spectralranges for selection
Objective magnification :
Objective magnification n
5-megapixel visible light camera
Co-axial lighting source
High quality 3W LEDillumination can ensure stable and long life span
High stable, high energy blue halogen lamp
High energy infrared, long- life LED lighting source
Upright type oroptional inverted type microscope

Medical Institute, Cancer tissue sorting, blood cell categories
Research institute, Universities and colleges
Pharmaceutical companies, Chinese medicine fake or true
Food Safety, Meat origin ID
Micro plastics identification
Minerals sorting
Forensic identification, Documents identification
Biological science, bacteria, cell analysis
material science, micro materials detection
Uniformity analysis of LED luminescence surface