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UAV Hyperspec Imager

UAV Hyperspec Imager
1 unit
Made in China
ATH9010 series is the 3rd generation hyperspectral imager . This new series feature compact and light.


    ATH9010 spectral cameras series is the 3rd generation hyperspectral imager . This new series feature compact and light.
    It consists of eight main parts of six-rotor UAV, high-stable cloud platform, hyperspectral imager,, big memory storage, GPS navigation system, ground receiver station, and ground control system.
    ATH9010 spectral cameras (Standardresolution), ATH9010P spectral cameras (High SNR), ATH9010W spectral cameras (Wider FOV) with 1920×1200 pixels, 1920×1080 pixels, or 2048×2048 pixels  high-performance detection imaging devices, imaging clear, less noise. The ATH9010 series also comes with high-performance data acquisition and processing software.
    From real-time measure spetral data collection to spectral images analysis, and final physicochemical properties calculation. They've widely applied to plants classification and growth assessment.


  • Range:400~1000nm
  • Spectral Resolution:1.5 nm
  • FOV:23.5°@f=35mm (Lens changeable)
  • IFOV0.9 mrad@f=35mm (Lens changeable)
  • Flight height: 50~1000 m, recommend height 100m
  • PC Intel Core i7 with max. 2T memory reach up to 100 hours images data
  • 1.5m multi-wing drone with heavy-load or extendable
  • Long flight time about 45 minutes, large cruise area


  • Monitor Agriculture: plant diseases and insect pest, disaster, categories ID etc.
  • Forestry: Tree categories identification, Phytomass, nutrient elements, forest health etc.
  • Water Environment: Water quality parameters, water waste spatial distribution and migration analysis
  • Soil pollution: heavy metal waste
  • Minerals: Mineral mapping, ingredients explore, metallogenic prognosis etc.
  • City geological substances classification and identification
  • And educational research, smart agriculture, target recognition, military anti-camouflage.