Handheld VNIR Fieldspec

Handheld VNIR Fieldspec
1 unit
Made in China
Optosky ATP9100 can replace ASD FieldSpec 2 cost cheap, but advanced technology benefit to field measure. An Ideal fieldspec for Reflectance, transmittance, irradiance, chlorophyll measurement.
    Optosky is an exclusive fieldspec manufacturer in China with 20 year, this handheld fieldspec design becomes an best seller upon the field 2 stop production. With lowest cost and user friendly performance win an winner award in 2020. ATP9100 field spectroradiometer is a new handheld FieldSpec spectroradiometer that employs optional spectral range of 300-1100nm, and it's applied to fields measure remote sensing, GIS of environment, drought, plants, crop monitoring, research of forest and oceanography.
    ATP9100 field spectroradiometer employs high performance, fast and accurate measurement, easy to use. ATP9100 field spectroradiometer is configured powerful software package, and applied to measurement of reflectance, radiometry, photometry and colorimetry, chlorophyll.

   With 5"high definition touch screen and advanced Android system make field measurement at any place any time, it's been widely applied to measure in the field of atmosphere, minings, plants, snow or ice, red tide, field spectrum measure, ecology, soil, geology, mining, environment, optics, remote sensing, GIS, and hyperspectral imager etc.

  • High sensitivity, detector quantum efficiency reach up to 60%, NIR sensitivity is 40% higher than traditional
  • Easy to carry suitcase case
  • 5"high definition touch screen in advanced Android system
  • Hamamatsu detector in Japan
  • Fastest measure speed, each sampling time< 10 ms
  • Compact size & Light weight attached with flexible fiber 
  • High accuracy and reliability attribute to reliable optical bench design
  • Dynamic dark current correction with low noise
  • Display on the screen  inclined probe angles, laser indicator indicates laser shoot at any direction
  • IP 65 for water and dust proof 
  • Touch screen operate mode and PC software mode
  • Radiance & Irradiance calibration NIST certificated and traceable

  • Geographical Research
  • Mining exploration
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS of Environment
  • Agriculture, Crops Monitor, Drought
  • Forestry & Oceanography Research
  • Ecology
  • Hyperspectral remote sensing imager