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Fieldspec NIR Spectroradiometer

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Fieldspec NIR Spectroradiometer
1 unit
Made in China
ATP9110TP series broadband field spectroradiometer is a new portable hyperspectral fieldSpec from Optosky , It build-in 7 "capacitive touch screen, Android operating system, with memory, can store 100,000 spectrum.


  ATP9110TP field spectroradiometer series broadband field spectroradiometer is a new portable hyperspectral fieldSpec from Optosky. Wavelength range of 300-11000 nm, suitable for geological research, mineral exploration, remote sensing, crop monitoring, forest research, oceanography and other fields of application.
ATP9110TP field spectroradiometer field spectroradiometer employs high performance, fast and accurate measurement, easy to operate and held etc.
ATP9110TP field spectroradiometer is configured powerful software package, and applied to measurement of reflectance, radiometry, photometry and colorimetry.


    •  Broad spectral range: 300-11000nm

    •  High sensitivity, detector quantum efficiency reach up to 60%, NIR sensitivity is 40% higher than traditional PDA detector

    •  Fast measure speed, one sampling time< 10ms

    •  Light weight and flexible optic fiber probe

    •  Built-in secondary diffraction coating and filter, high accuracy

    •  Dynamic dark current correction, reduce noise

    •  Display probe inclined angles, laser indicator indicates probe direction, easy to adjust

    •  Portable, special carrying case, easy to carry

    •  PC software control mode

    •  Radiance & Irradiance calibration NIST certificated and traceable


    •  Geological research, prospecting

    •  Remote sensing measurement

    •  Crop monitoring

    •  Forest research, oceanographic research