Combined integrating sphere

Combined integrating sphere
1 set
Made in China
Construct different optical paths according to different theme application requirements.

Optosky’s integrating sphere is a cavity sphere, also known as the photometric sphere,Ulbricht sphere, etc.Its interior covered white highly diffuse Reflectance material. The light entering integrating sphere is diffusely reflected to form a uniform illumination, eliminate the influence of uneven beam.
It has a wide range of applicability, accessories for spectrometer, optical fiber, light source and various optical measuring equipment.Our sphere afford NIST traceable characterization of all types of light .The diffuse reflecting surface of the inner wall of it is made of PTFE, BaSO4,MGO2.The dominant wavelength range is between 200-2500nm, and different sizes, ports and coatings can be customized.

Optosky's combined integrating sphere can be used flexibly, allowing different optical paths to be built in according to the needs of different theme applications. A set of uses, high cost performance, strong versatility.It can be applied to the optical receiver, so that the change of the light flux into the integrating sphere can be known according to the change of the output optical current.

Flexible use, can be used for multiple spectral measurement, a set of multi-purpose.
Excellent Lambert special.
High coating stability.
Can be customized opening size and quantity.
Can be customized integrating ball number.

Reflection, transmission and absorption spectrum measurement.
homogenization of light source.
Power measurement of light source.
Scientific research experiment and analysis.
Radiation calibration, etc.