Gold coated integrating spheres

Gold coated integrating spheres
1 set
Made in China
Integrating spheres are well-suited for measurement of opaque or highly directional samples.

Optosky’s integrating sphere is a cavity sphere, also known as the photometric sphere,Ulbricht sphere, etc.Its interior covered white highly diffuse Reflectance material. The light entering integrating sphere is diffusely reflected to form a uniform illumination, eliminate the influence of uneven beam.
It has a wide range of applicability, accessories for spectrometer, optical fiber, light source and various optical measuring equipment.Our sphere afford NIST traceable characterization of all types of light .The diffuse reflecting surface of the inner wall of it is made of PTFE, BaSO4,MGO2.The dominant wavelength range is between 200-2500nm, and different sizes, ports and coatings can be customized.

This gold coated integrating sphere from Optosky is gold-plated by electroplating chemical method, which is highly stable and washable. It is an ideal Lambertian body for testing. The reflectivity can be as high as 94%. The diameter and opening can be customized according to specific needs.

Aluminum alloy material, overall gold plated
High stability, washable
It's almost Lambert. test effect is good
The reflectance is up to 94% and linear
Custom sizes and openings are available upon request

Infrared laser power measurement
Laser and laser diode output characteristic inspection
C02 laser and Nd:Measurement of YAG laser output characteristics
High Power Laser Diode Measurements
Laser Spectral Performance Measurement
Photodetector Spectral Response Testing