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Automated Film Thickness Mapping

Automated Thickness Mapping Systems
Automated Film Thickness Mapping
SM280 Film Thickness Measurement Mapping Instrument
Ranging from 200-1700nm
Sample thickness from 10nm~100um
Microparticles size up to 10um
Its software functions of automated focus and 2D/3D mapping
Advantage: Fast delivery, OEM cutomized, cost-effective

SM280 Film Thickness Measurement Mapping Instrument is developed by using the principle of thin film reflected light interference. It uses the light with the widest wavelength range of 200-1700nm to be vertically incident on the surface of the film. As long as the film has a certain degree of transmission, the SM280 can calculate the thickness of the film according to the reflected interference spectrum. 10nm~100um, SM280 is equipped with a dedicated microscope system, which can support the test of tiny samples with a minimum size of 10um. The software has template matching and auto-focus functions, and supports the drawing of measurement point paths and the presentation of measurement results in 2D/3D.

SM280 Film Thickness Measurement Mapping Instrument adopts integrated design, the core components adopt high-resolution, high-sensitivity spectrometer, high-performance industrial CCD and high-precision 3-axis mobile platform, combined with OPTOSKY unique algorithm technology, to provide users with The new generation of leading automatic microfilm thickness mapper.


  • Non-contact, non-destructive testing system
  • Ultra-long life light source, higher efficiency
  • High-resolution, high-sensitivity spectrometer
  • The software interface is intuitive, easy to operate
  • Integrated real-time camera to monitor measurement points
  • Equipped with a microscope objective lens to support the detection of small-sized samples
  • The surveying and mapping speed is fast
  • Supports multi-point surveying and mapping point map drawing
  • Support drawing 2D/3D thickness distribution map of samples
  • High-precision, long-life 3-axis mobile platform
  • Historical data storage to help users better grasp the results
  • Desktop-style distributed design, rich in applicable scenarios
  • Low maintenance cost and easy maintenance


Essentially all smooth, translucent, or low-absorption films can be mapped, which includes nearly all dielectric and semiconductor materials, including:Silicon oxide, nitride layer, diamond-like film, polysilicon, photoresist, polymer, polyimide, amorphous silicon, etc.

  • Semiconductor coating: photoresist, oxide, desalination layer, silicon on insulator, wafer back grinding;
  • Liquid crystal display: gap thickness, polyimide, ITO transparent conductive film;
  • Optical coating: hard coating, anti-reflection layer;
  • Microelectronics system: photoresist, silicon-based film, printed circuit board;
  • Biomedical: medical equipment, Parylene