Online P/N Detection Probe

Online P/N Detection Probe
Made In China
SM510 is a non-contact, rapid detection of PN type detection sensor.
SM510 is a non-contact, rapid detection of P/N type detection sensor.
SM510 uses the surface optical voltage method to measure the P/N type of the semiconductor. The method uses a chopper laser to reduce the surface barrier. The change in barrier induced by light exposure is measured by a surface-coupled capacitance probe, and the output high and low levels indicate whether the semiconductor being tested is P-type or N-type. Thus, high speed non-contact detection of P/N type is realized.
The SM510 has excellent stability and sensitivity to meet industrial applications, making it the right-hand man in the field of industrial sorting. At present, it has been widely used in photovoltaic silicon separator.
SM510PN type in-line detection probe
SM510-C485PN probe + RS485 communication box
SM510S-CLANPN probe + Ethernet communication box

It can judge the wide range of resistivity of silicon materials:20 mΩcm - 3000 Ωcm
Fast detection speed: less than 0.1s
Measuring spot: ~10-20mm (diameter depends on test distance)
Laser excitation depth: ~5μm
PN model of any shape sample
Non-contact inspection:
The detection distance depends on the conductivity and surface
e.g. The material detection distance of 10 Ωcm with a smooth surface is about 20 mm
Data transmission mode: TTL output (5V and 3.3V compatible)
Add a dedicated communication box, you can output test results through RS485 or EthernetPortable, contactless PN checker

Sorting of photovoltaic silicon wafers
Polysilicon purification/ingoting,chip, cell production,direct to monocrystalline
Measure monopolysilicon samples of any shape