Fiber Variable Attenuator

Fiber Variable Attenuator
Optosky offers a variety of accessories for controlling and attenuating light in the sampling setup of spectrometers. Options include fiber optic switches, shutters and variable attenuators.
AT-FVA fiber attenuator is a precision mechanical device to control fiber strength. Both ends are connected to the fiber through SMA905.
The AT-FVA optical fiber adjustable attenuator controls the light intensity by adjusting the nylon nut on the top to drive the internal slit. The control band is from 200nm-2000nm, and the controllable range is from 0-100%.
This part is mostly used to attenuate strong optical signals to prevent signal saturation of the spectrometer.
  • Small and compact: The small size and standard optical fiber interface make the FVA series products suitable for flexible construction of optical fiber spectroscopy systems in the laboratory and for the development of large-scale spectral detection equipment
  • Ultra wide spectrum: Wide spectrum usage band allows users to deal with different bands of spectrum without changing components
  • Continuously adjustable: The light intensity adjustment range of 0~100% is convenient to adjust the input/output light intensity of the optical fiber spectroscopy system, and meets the test requirements under different light intensity conditions
  • Fiber Coupling: Standard SMA905 fiber optic interface can be used with various core diameter fibers, and the fiber optic interface can be customized according to user needs