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Water Monitor
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As hyperspectral remote sensing can capture water quality parameters, it could be viable solution for water quality management.
ATE7000 Remote Monitoring System offers a simple and cost-effective approach to monitoring your field instruments for river course, lake, ocean, water source area   in the world via remote access.


ATE7000 Remote Water Monitoring System offers a simple and cost-effective approach to water monitoring your field instruments for river bank, lake, ocean, water area   in the world via remote water monitor.


As hyperspectral remote sensing can capture water quality parameters ofChlorophyll, total nitrogen TN, total phosphorus TP, transparency, COD, turbidity, ammonia nitrogen NH3-N, suspended solids concentration. it could be good hyperspectral spectroscopy solution for water quality monitoring.

ATE7000 water monitor is used to monitor water quality,  water level, on-site camera for forensic video.

ATE7000 water sensor uses global leading water quality hyperspectral remote sensing technology, it built in the high development and production of high-performance hyperspectral spectrum analyzer, the joint Chinese Academy of Sciences, invest a lot of cost, the depth of the joint development of training learning inversion algorithm, and tens of thousands of times of water samples in field experiments, thus successfully developed the water quality of multi-parameter monitor in real time.

ATE7000 water sensing probe monitors the capacitance field around the active probe tip. As the volume of separated water increases in the separator or is drawn down toward the probe tip, the probe capacitance changes. 

Monitor water quality parameters and liquid level information real-time and keep record.Timely alarm for abnormal conditions, and record field visible light video/pictures.

The ATE7000 monitoring data and field images can also be uploaded to the cloud platform for real-time multi-point information collection, threshold alarm setting for each point, and historical information review and global trend judgment for the region.

Optosky also jointly developed the industry standard"Technical guidelines for spectral on-line water quality monitoring system"with its peers, which was promulgated and passed in 2020.


  • Built - in hyperspectral water quality monitoring, liquid level monitoring, scene video forensics functions;
  • Remote sensing monitoring, without contact with the water surface;
  • Maintenance-free, no chemical reagents required;
  • Support a number of water quality indicators: chlorophyll, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, transparency, etc;
  • Spectral range: 400-1000 nm
  • Spectral resolution 1nm
  • Deviation of water quality accuracy < 10%
  • The fastest monitoring speed can reach the second level;
  • Monitoring height is 15m;
  • Water level monitoring technology: 80 GHz millimeter wave radar;
  • Accuracy error of water level is less than 2mm;
  • Not affected by wind and rain, fog, high temperature and other environmental climate;
  • Support the maximum 2560×1440@30fps HD video output.


  • Real-time online monitoring of river water quality
  • On-line monitoring of lake and ocean water quality
  • On-line monitoring of aquaculture water quality