230-1000nm LED Light Source

230-1000nm LED Light Source
1 unit
Made in China

High-performance UV & Vis LED Fluorescence spectra measurement and fiber optic lighting, fiber-coupled LED light source is an ideal choice.ATG1000 LED light source series innovative optic design realize high efficient coupling, an exclusive electrical fixture can operate stable big current in modes of the continuous and external trigger. In the mode of the external trigger, LED light source can be workable in high peak current.
ATG1000 adjusts the light intensity of the light source through the adjustment knob, and the TTL shutter controls the light source switch.
ATG1000 can be output through optical fiber, and the output port is SMA905 or FC interface, which can be customized according to requirements.
ATG1000 LED light source provides optional wavelengths of 16 types as shown below in model list, customizable multi-channel wavelengths.
ATG1000 LED light source modular design suit to OEM integration. 

LED spectrum: