180-2500nm Deuterium, Halogen & Deuterium Halogen Light Source

180-2500nm Deuterium, Halogen & Deuterium Halogen Light Source
1 unit
Made in China


ATG1020H light source offers stable, continuous output from 180-2500 nm. Using a combination of deuterium and halogen lamps, ATG1020H light source is ideal for measuring a sample that has multiple features in different spectral regions or for analyzing a variety of different samples in your lab. All models of the ATG1020H light source family include easy-to-replace bulbs, keeping your measurements going with fast lamp changes. ATG1020H light source comes with a filter holder for filters up to 25 mm square or 25 mm round in diameter and 4 mm in thickness.
ATG1020Hlight source is compatible with cuvette holder to measure absorption and transmission rate.
Shutter control (model-dependent) -- allows the deuterium and halogen bulbs to be turned on/off individually.
  • All range output:180-2500 nm
  • Including DUV, Visible, infrared;
  • Excellent performance, P-P stability <0.005%.
  • Fiber ouput or free space
  • Long life:
  • Deuterium: 3000 hours;
  • Halogen: 5000hours;
  • Fibers:Promoteanti UV fiber from Optosky
  • Air & Water Quality Analysis
  • UV gas analysis
  • Biotechnology Applications
  • Food & Beverage Quality Control
  • Metallurgical Analysis