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180-2500nm Pulse Xenon Light Source

Xenon light sources
180-2500nm Pulse Xenon Light Source
1 unit
Made in China


The xenon light source is a wide spectrum of the light source, wavelengths irradiance cover UV, Vis and IR, and energy irradiance is especially stronger in the range of UV than deuterium light source.
The principle of xenon flashlamp and short-arc xenon light source is the same, but power supply of xenon flashlamp is in a pulsed form, in a spherical outlook. When xenon light source is flash, strong energies irradiated in an instant moment, and light power is just a bit less than laser.
ATG1030 series is a compact light source composing xenon flash lamp, trigger, and power supply, average maximum power is 5W. With a feature of high-performance, smart size, long lifespan, and more, it can be widely applied to classical benchtop spectrometer and field portable spectrometer.


  • Small size, the light, trigger, power inside;
  • DB-9 interface, plug-to-play
  • Long life, flash time up to 109times ;
  • Wide wavelength: 185nm-2000nm, more UV energy
  • Accurate light position, ±0.05mm
  • Low power, only 5W
  • No need warm-up time; 


  • UV, Vis, IR analysis
  • absorbance 
  • reflectance 
  • Medical Diagnostics 
  • Protein & Nucleic Acid Analysis 
  • Remote Sensing