Visible Light Source

Visible Light Source
1 unit
Made in China
ATG2000 light source is a fast-acting, small size, high stability of the visible light instrument light source system, earthquake-resistant, impact-resistant, strong performance, can be fully guaranteed the consistency of experimental conditions. Realized other light sources can not be compared to the long life (more than 30,000 hours), high stability, high uniformity, no flicker.
The light source is concentrated in the visible light area and has a perfect spectral curve, making it ideal for absorbance detection. The ATG2000 light source outputs light from the SMA905 and is precisely tuned to connect to the fiber for maximum light flux. The ATG2000 light source can also output light
sources in free space.
ATG2000 light source can achieve any adjustment of light output intensity, easy to control and has good color temperature and color rendering, light decay, high output power and other special points, can be widely used in traditional desktop spectral instruments and field portable micro spectral instruments.
  • Broad spectrum:400-800nm
  • Long lifetime>30000hrs
  • High stability, spectral shift ≤0.2% per hours
  • Smart size
  • Warm-up time: 30 s
  • Light efficiency: 61.451 lm/w
  • Accurate luminance position±0.127
  • Light output: 0-100% linear adjustable
  • Spectroscopic on-line measurements
  • Absorbance analysis
  • Reflectivity analysis
  • Industrial automation
  • Photochemical testing
  • Solar cell testing
  • Transmission/reflectivity analysis