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Transmission Measure Solution

Thin Film Thickness Measurement
Transmission Measure Solution
1 unit
Made in China


  Incident lights with wavelengths range between 200-1700nm vertically shine on the surface of thin film, when transmittance of thin film happen, ATGX310 can utilize lights reflected via upper and lower boundaries of thin film to create an interference pattern superimposed, the spacing of the pattern’s sinusoidal waves, when combined with the refractive index of the material, can be used to calculate the thickness of the materials.


  • Optical system: Deuterium Halogen light source; Collimating mirror; 
  • Receiver:Optic fiber spectrometer; Wavelength:200-1100; Range measured:0-100%
  • Technical parameters: Wavelength accuracy ±0.5nm; Wavelength repeat ≤0.2nm; Spectral bandwidth: 1nm; Stay light ≤0.05%; Transmittance accuracy ±0.5%; Transmittance repeat ≤0.5%


  • Optical thin film thickness measurement system can be applied to sectors of Semi-conductor, LCD, TFT, PDP, LED, Touch-screen, vehicle lamp, medical, solar energy, polymer, glass etc.
  • Glasses, Sun-glasses, sunblock protective film
  • Various optical element, filters etc.
  • Plane glass, plastic product
  • Mobile phone display, LCD
  • Other transparent or semi-transparent materials