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Full-spectrum Transmittance Measurement Set

Full-spectrum Transmittance Measurement Set
1 unit
Made in China


ATGX500 is a new full-spectrum transmittance measurement system newly designed by Optosky. A set of system with high accuracy, easy operation, Low price. Capable for transmittance of the full spectrum, has the characteristics of fast, simple and accurate. It can quickly detect the transmittance of mobile phone panels and various transparent and semi-transparent products, suitable for optical, chemical engineering and scientific research fields!
It employs excellent spectrometer to receive spectrum, and built-in homogenizing system can reshape light beam of transmitted spectrum, measured light spot adjustable, it can better match different size sample measure, the area measure can be more reliable than single point measure.
Intuitive & friendly user interface enable technician and non-technician can complete measure at a ease, the excellent hardware configuration and advanced multivariate can ensure accurate, consistent and reliable results in lab , Quality guarantee and efficient production can be integrated just in one instrument!


  • Non-Destructive, Fast Detect & Identify, One-touch Operation;
  • Broad spectrum range:200nm-2500nm;
  • Different modes for different material;
  • Flexible transmission measurement Solution, Capable for entire spectrum transmittance ;
  • High-precision, fast detection , high stability 
  • Wavelength Repeatability: 0.1nm;
  • High SNR, Minimize stray light;
  • SNR: ≥1000 :1;
  • Short detect time;
  • Adjustable measuring spot, suitable for samples of different sizes;
  • High measurement accuracy, detection error<0.2%;
  • Suitable for online detection.


  • IR hole of phone cover plate
  • Various films transmittance measure
  • Flash lamp hole transmittance measure
  • Transmittance of coated mirror, glued mirror, parallel plate 
  • Measure transmission of solar film and filter
  • Light focusing glass, frosted glass, lens
  • Jewelry and coating measure
  • Lens transmittance measure
  • ATGX500 is a set of full-wavelength 0-degree  transmittance measure unit covering 200-2500nm. It can quickly and accurately measure the transmittance of various flat optical components. It can be used for real-time online inspection to  full inspection. It is suitable for the detection of flat optical elements such as prisms, coated mirrors, glued mirrors, parallel plates, solar films, and filters.