Miniature Spectrometer

Miniature Spectrometer
1 unit
Made in China
Optosky newest smallest spectrometer with applications in the uv, this all available from 185nm to 1100nm as a high volume OEM type product because the size of it, the small footprint lends itself very well to embedding into other analytical devices.


     •  ATP1010 provides UV, Vis Nir from 185nm to 1100nm, CMOS detector technology from Hamamatsu corporation.

     •  ATP1010 provides the most advanced spectroscopy technology leading the global best UV range miniature spectrometer.

     •  ATP1010 is based on very high sensitivity, response rate, high performance, dynamic range, signal to noise, and optical resolution, which are suitable to various industrial  applications.     

     •  ATP1010 is designed to fiber optics and light source, the spectra software shows absorbance, transmission and spectrum in real time.

     •  ATP1010 spectrometer save 30% cost to integrate to high volume OEM analytical devices.

     •  ATP1010 spectrometer is based on 20 years designs expert in spectroscopy technology providing good reproducibility which ensure reproducibility from units unit and lots a  lot, which's very important for high volume manufacturers.           

     •  The ATP1010 spectrometer can receive optical fiber input or free-space input light from the SMA905 interface, measure it according to the set integration time, and output the measurement result via USB2.0 (high speed) or UART.      

     •  ATP1010 OEM spectrometer can get free SDK for spectrometer developer's kit, communication protocol, say C++, C#, Labview and Linux system SDK.


     •  Spectral range: 180-1100 nm;Customized

     •  Optical Structure:Crossed C-T;

     •  Detector:512 pixels CMOS;

     •  Integration Time:1 ms ~ 10 min

     •  Power supply:DC 5V@<200mA;

     •  Power Interface:Type C USB or extendable

     •  ADC bits depth:16bits;

     •  ADC Sampling rate:10 MHz;

     •  Optical light input:SM905 or free space;

     •  Data output:USB2.0 (High speed) or UART;

     •  10 Pins (2x5, 1.27mm pitch) Extendable pins;


     •  Multi-parameters Water Quality Monitor

     •  LED sorting;

     •  Colour measurement

     •  Micro-volumn spectrophotometer

     •  UV gas measurement

     •  Spectrum analysis, radiometer

     •  Fluorescence;

     •  Reflection, transmission measurement;